Born in 1988 in a small town in the south east of England, society taught me that doing well in school, getting a good job & buying a house was the most important thing.

I was a dreamy child though, and I would sit on the swing in my garden talking to the butterflies and making up songs, captivated by a different world that only I could see.  As I grew, I turned away from the magic, believing it wasn’t real and that I had to knuckle down and work hard if I wanted to get anywhere in life.

There was always a part of me that yearned for more, but I pushed it away. It was just too hard, too scary and it felt like ‘too much’.

I was terrified of being ‘too much’.  Too bossy, too opinionated, too powerful.  At the same time I was scared of being ‘not enough’.  Not beautiful enough, thin enough, cool or good enough.  How confusing it is to feel like too much and not enough all at once. This is what the world & media does to us when we’re not connected to ourselves first and foremost.

By my early 20s I was so numb and detached, that for a long time I didn’t even notice the sadness inside me. It had become normal and I blocked it out with too much alcohol, junk TV, unhealthy food, self loathing and shopping.  I was in debt, deeply unhappy and had failed relationship after failed relationship.  

I was living what I now call ‘the default life’.

Me with my grandmother, Jean in 1990

‘This is what we have to do, stop making it harder’

What we (my soul & I – although I didn’t know her then) ‘had’ to do at that point was keep working in the corporate job that lacked joy and meaning, save for a mortgage, buy things, make small talk, watch television like ‘normal’ people.  I believed that was how life was ‘meant’ to be and I didn’t know why I felt so broken and sad.

It crept up on me slowly that those things I was meant to do were soul destroying and limiting for me. But what else could I do? I didn’t even know where to begin to go about answering that question, nor did I love myself enough to put myself first, so instead, I ignored it.  Kept on pushing and striving.   

I forced myself to believe in a dream that wasn’t mine.  Thinking it was the best I could do and feeling like I was being ungrateful for not being happy with my life.  Everyone else seemed content.  Why wasn’t I? 

But it was persistent, that longing, that feeling of ‘there must be more to life than this!’.  It kept tapping me on the shoulder, nudging me, pulling at my heart. 


Can you feel those whispers?  Are they getting louder yet?  I can tell you now, they don’t stop until you start listening.

After years of being immobilised by fear (and crying a lot), I finally surrendered, and somehow found the courage within me to stop pushing and start listening.  Pulling out an old diary, I began to write and almost immediately the whispers grew louder and clearer, spilling out onto the page, scrawls of truth that poured from my deepest knowing materialised before my eyes.  Looking back I see that this was the first time I channelled, but I didn’t know that then.

I found that the more I listened, the more I heard and what started with googling ‘meditation’ led to me being drawn to a book that had me practice gratitude for 28 consecutive days, saturating my life with magic and giving me that hope that I hadn’t felt since those sunny days in the garden as a child.  That was just the beginning of a whirlwind of spiritual exploration, awakening and powerful transformation.

In 2015 I took a career break and travelled, learning meditation in Cambodia along the way. After years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my career, I let the intuitive part of me as well as my team of spiritual guides and my heart lead me gently and intuitively and I studied and qualified as a life coach with the most beautiful, heart-centred training provider. 

I met amazing women who empowered and supported me and each other, and I found the courage to end a sweet-but-not-right long term relationship, making space so that my soul mate and I could re-find each other.  We both felt like we’d met before in a previous lifetime. 

Despite how it may sound it hasn’t all been sunshine and laughter.   At times it’s also been deeply painful, breaking down the walls that I’ve built up, letting go of things to make space for new experiences.  Letting parts of me die and fall away. After all, death isn’t usually pretty. 

Spiritual awakening and stepping up as a leader is by no means easy, and it’s a lifelong commitment. 

But it is 100% worth it. And the planet desperately needs us to do it.

In awakening to my true nature, I found the part of me that remembers who I was before the media took over my mind.   Before I learnt not to trust or love myself.  I found the part of me that guides me forward, through the ‘not enough’  and the ‘too much’, through the fear, with acceptance and sovereignty.  

Now I know, the most important thing is trust.  To allow myself to be led and shown what I need to see, now that I am not afraid of the dark.   Surrender to my soul, to my intuition and heart, to my divine self and to unconditional love.  

Now I want to help you do it too.


To deny the darkness is to only love part of ourselves.

I am no longer willing to do that.

So here I am

Offering to walk this journey with you. The journey to you embracing yourself fully.

The journey to connect with your deepest knowing, and learning to trust it to lead you.  I can help you as you explore this beautiful new terrain, but the magic?  That’s already inside of you.  Let’s invite it out.

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  1.  I’m a tree-hugger – and proud
  2. I’m a lover of astrology –  did you know your birth chart is as unique to you as your thumb print?!
  3. I believe in Angels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Universal source energy, magic & more
  4. I am a lover & fierce protector of Mother Earth
  5. My favourite flower is a Fuschia – for a very special reason that you can read about in this blog post
  6. I have my tea ‘milky but strong’ with half a teaspoon of something sweet – this is important info to us Brits 😉
  7. I collect shells and stones because I believe they’re lost treasure that’s slowly working its way back to me
  8. My favourite cystal is Rose Quartz for its deeply loving and nurturing properties
  9. I’ve had an obsession since childhood with de-coding my dreams & numerology
  10. My astrogolgy chart correctly predicted I’d fall in love during my Saturn return with an ‘artistic, creative, Rock-star’ type
  11.  I am committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space.  My 1:1 coaching has been created for women and this means it is for any person who identifies as a woman. 

I’d love to know more about you too 

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