Want to become a life coach?

Then you’re in the right place beautiful!


Me & the inspirational Julie Parker – Founder, CEO & Head Trainer of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy  –  Paris, June 2017

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Becoming a life coach with BYCA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and is one of the things I am most proud of.    The experience of training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  If you’re considering becoming a coach,  I wholeheartedly recommend this training.  I know how hard it is to choose a training provider, so here are the answers to some of the most common questions I get asked:

Is it worth the money?

100% YES. WITHOUT A DOUBT.  With cherries on top.  This course is the most thorough, heart-centered, robust, practical and magical training I have ever done.  I was taught not only how to be a great life coach ( if I do say so myself ), but also how to start a successful business, as well as the bonus of introducing me to a worldwide network of amazing women who support one another no matter what.  


Isn’t face to face training better?

Honestly, that depends on how important it is to you.  I was worried about this, and concerned that I wouldn’t feel connected, but actually I was suprised at just how supported and held I felt, especially as by physical location it is based just about as far away as you could possibly get!  The mix of bi-weekly group calls where you can chat to the trainers live, module recordings from Julie, private facebook support and one on one feedback in the membership area (every question/submission recieves a detailed answer) meant I I felt like my trainers were in the same room as me.

The other benefit I found was that the training is delievered over a period of 6 months.  Unlike an intensive face to face course, I was able to absorb the information and digest it fully.  This also meant I had time to work out my niche with ongoing support, which was invaluable for me.   Plus, Julie and the BYCA team pride themselves on excellent communication so I always felt clear on exactly what I should be doing throughout the training. 

Am I too young to be a life coach?

I was 28 when I undertook my training and I wondered this myself.  What I learned was that this belief of mine stemmed from not feeling ‘good enough’.  It was part of a much bigger limiting belief that I didn’t conciously know that I had.  If you’re passionate about helping people and want to become a life coach, your age is irrelevant.  You can be an amazing coach at any age and there were women aged between 21 and 45 on the intake I was on with BYCA. 

Do the courses really sell out that quickly?! 

Yes they do, this is a highly in-demand course.  Julie and her team very much value integrity, if they’re saying the courses are nearly full – it’s because they are!

Is this course accredited? 

Yes it is.  You have the option to take the certification route if you’d like to be accredited.  This route is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 


More questions?

I love talking about BYCA and life coaching, so if you have any other questions feel free to email me: hello@iamemmarose.com and I’ll reply personally. 

As a proud affiliate of BYCA, if you add my name into the referrer field when signing up to train with BYCA, then I’d love to offer you a completely free 1:1 12 week signature coaching experience worth $1000 (usd).

Plus, as I’m a certified coach, if you choose to work with me, our coaching series counts towards your certification too if that’s the route you choose.