Here’s what my beautiful clients have to say about the experience of working together…

When I first came across Emma and her work, I felt completely overwhelmed and stuck in a job AND career that wasn’t​ serving me.  Felt almost ashamed and also duped.  All the hard work, schooling, guidance pointing me toward this “great/stable/good paying career” yet I was feeling disconnected from myself in every way.  I was lacking confidence and felt no pride in my work because it wasn’t…me. It felt like a lie. I wasn’t being true to myself. It was all based on outside expectations/influence.

Something really clicked when I realised you can’t get different results doing the same thing, talking to the same people, telling your same story/complaints. Sure the unknown felt a smidge uneasy, but I was filled with hope and comforted to try something new even though I hadn’t worked with a coach before. I honestly had no idea what to expect.  

 Going into our first session I was a bit nervous, about​ being vulnerable and being seen but as soon as the first session began, I felt more at ease. Emma’s calm and comforting nature was so welcomed. 

By the end of that first session I knew that yes, I was supposed to reach out to Emma, yes she is to help guide me on my journey. Someone who understands where I’m at and can relate and help me. I didn’t know what to call it at that point but now I see that it felt so good to have someone hold space for me like that! You hear about a coach or a mentor and wonder – well what does that mean? What does that look like? It means you have this amazing soul & resource (Emma) who makes it her job to help you, guide you, support you in whatever you’re trying to shift or call in. 

The biggest changes I have noticed since coaching are my trust and confidence in myself.  When I was younger teachers, family and friends would describe me as confident, bold, strong, courageous, etc. Somewhere along the line I let go of the reigns of my life…and sort of let other people do the driving. Before I knew it I felt like a shrunken, detached, back seat passenger OF MY OWN LIFE!  My work with Emma completely changed everything, and continues to do so.  I continue to ask myself in work, relationships, ‘who am I doing this for? Does this serve me?’ Evaluating all these areas of my life where I’ve been low on self-worth has shaken things up.  I think it has some people in my life probably thinking “what is she doing?” but each day I feel more connected to myself and closer to my true nature.

I want to express my endless gratitude to​ Emma and everything she’s helped me with.  2018 was a year of transformation and such growth for me… and I owe it to her. Feeling more like myself than ever, trusting in myself, the universe and its timing, and feeling clear on the direction of my life… how can you properly thank someone for that? Not sure there’s a proper way but THANK YOU from all of me for your dedication, space held and connection you offered me this year.  It was life changing.

– Kara Gilbert

When I first started coaching with Emma, my life coaching business was really taking off and I was aware that I had deep set limiting beliefs and stories holding me back from stepping into my business and my personal life fully.  I was trying to attract an abundant personal life and business but kept stumbling and knew I needed the outside perspective from a coach to help me gain clarity and see what was really holding me back.  I had a lot of guilt around welcoming in success. Which in turn meant I was often ‘turning away’ opportunities that could make me really happy for fear of not deserving what I really wanted.

Before going into our first session I was really excited to see what would unfold, but equally nervous. What I shared on the questionnaire felt very vulnerable and I was also concerned that what we were going to work on was TOO BIG for the amount of time we would spend together. It felt like I was picking my whole life apart to examine it and I was concerned we wouldn’t have the time to put it back together!

By the end of that first session I realised there were areas where I was playing small in my life. That I wasn’t listening to what I truly needed or believed. It became clear that I had a lot of guilt and sadness that was holding me back from tapping into my potential.  We created a beautifully aligned goal that was perfect for me and the actions that Emma helped me create were so powerful. It helped me articulate things that had once been completely muddled up and get really clear with everything. 

As a result of coaching with Emma, the biggest changes I’ve seen are my ability to fully step in to my own in all aspects of my life. I now show up for myself, my career and in my relationships more then ever before. I have grown to trust myself unconditionally through Emma’s guidance and support and that in itself is more then I could have ever asked for!

I’m attracting more clients in to my business, I’m hitting financial targets, I’m focusing more on my relationships and having more down time, I’m opening myself up to more opportunities and I’m taking more risks. Above all, I feel more aligned and more peaceful then ever.

Emma, you were such a fantastic coach. I don’t think words will do justice to just how much our time together benefited me. Your ability to create a space that made me feel comfortable to get really vulnerable, share fears, and create big visions was just perfect.
I have left our time together feeling so excited for where life will take me next, and with an unwavering trust in myself and my abilities. 

– Emilia Francesca

My time coaching with Emma was life changing.
In the past I’ve always resisted from using that term in fear of sounding too grandiose or cheesy. But I think it’s more down to the fact that perhaps it never felt true until working with Emma.
She has a raw, innate ability to ask the questions you didn’t even know you had always innately needed to answer for yourself.
She holds a space so gently for you to talk out your biggest fears and limiting beliefs and with an almost effortless divine energy channeling through her she supported me through some incredibly challenging times.
My current amazing reality has been made manifest by the beautiful support of having Emma as my coach.
If you are currently stuck or anything less than enthused by your own life then seek out working 1:1 and invite a space for Emma into your life.
It will be nothing short of magical.
A beautiful goddess resides in you Emma, and through you I came to see my own.


– Louise Gates


Before working with Emma I felt very stuck and trapped in my job and was so fearful and worried about moving away from it. I had a vision to train as a baby massage/baby yoga instructor but I always found reasons not to do it. My dream has always been to work for myself but anxiety always got in the way and I felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

I thought life coaching would be “airy fairy” but that could not be further from the truth.  Emma is so warm hearted and welcoming and made me feel really at ease during our session. Our session was incredibly down to earth and Emma always hit the nail on the head. She helped me to think in ways I hadn’t before and to address the barriers that were stopping me from doing what I want to do.  By the end of our work together I felt exactly how I aimed to feel when setting my goal with Emma. To feel strong, empowered, motivated and capable of fulfilling my dream of setting up my own business.

I think the biggest change I’ve seen in myself is to realise that I should not put anyone’s needs before my own. I have realised that saying no is a very powerful thing. I have established my boundaries which makes me feel empowered and in control of my life. I used to feel like I would do whatever it took to meet other people’s needs but now I realise I will have less anxiety if I am kinder to myself.  I have much more self-belief and feel excited by change! My energy has shifted too; I feel lighter and already freer by just choosing to make a change. I’ve learnt to celebrate myself and my achievements as well as for confronting and changing things that do not serve me. I feel much more confident doing that as my self-worth has grown and grown.

I would like to say that to anyone considering coaching in any way to just go for it as I can guarantee you will not walk out the same person you went in. I only worked with Emma for a one-off session and I see so much change in the way that I look at things that will shape my future for the better. I feel so incredibly lucky to have met Emma and I felt coaching came at exactly the right time in my life.  Coaching went above and beyond what I had hoped for. I’d describe it as empowering, special and heart-warming. 

– Charlotte Marler


When I first considered coaching, I felt weighted down with negative emotions and often felt overcome with feelings of anger, sadness, resentment, jealousy, discontentment and stress. I knew I was neglecting myself and feared my negativity was becoming uncontrollable.

I wanted to shift into a more positive way of thinking and adopt a healthier mind-set in all areas of my life. I wanted effective strategies and practices for when challenges arose. I wanted to gain better perspective and awareness. I wanted to love, trust and forgive myself and those closest to me so I could move on to enjoy a fulfilling life.

I knew very little about coaching but I was intrigued and drawn towards Emma’s positive, holistic and nourishing messages. It was the first time I had reached out for help and having been so warmly welcomed by Emma, I had an overriding trust and faith that this was the right thing to do. I was beyond excited for the journey we were due to embark on together. It felt destined to be and I knew all I had to do was be open minded and honest.

By the end of session 1 I knew I’d made the right decision because I felt like I’d made sense of the tangled mess of feelings and emotions I was experiencing. Together we formulated two big, beautiful goals which I loved!

Since coaching with Emma, the biggest and best change I’ve experienced is my self-acceptance. I no longer torture myself with notions of how I ought to behave, look or feel. I feel so content within my own skin and so excited and grateful for the things in my life and the direction in which it is heading. I have a better understanding of what makes me happy and what is important. I have re-established happiness for being a full-time mum. My relationships are no longer strained. My husband has noticed that I am much better able to communicate my feelings when they arise and we seldom argue in the intense, unhealthy way that we used to. I have a newfound trust in my marriage and there is now nothing that I am afraid to discuss with my husband. My close friend and neighbour has also noticed the change in me – probably because I no longer go knocking on her door in floods of tears!

I would like to thank you for a truly life-changing experience, Emma. For all of your efforts throughout our time working together. You checked in on me between sessions, you were contactable throughout, you would remind me of my steps and send me fantastic resources in order to support me to reach them. You would listen to me in a way I had not been listened to before. You were encouraging, supportive, comforting, non-judgemental and reassuring and you helped me to challenge myself in a non-threatening way. If I had to describe the experience in 3 words I would choose exciting, positive and revolutionary.

I would recommend this experience to anybody looking to enhance an area of their life.

– Nina Jackson

Prior to working with Emma I had a feeling of unrest within my personal and professional life, as well as a sense of feeling lost and unfulfilled.  I knew that something needed to change, but having never worked with a coach before, I was unsure what to expect.  By the end of our first session we had a plan and had identified goals that seemed a stretch, but achievable. I felt relieved and energized that I may actually see a difference in my life.

Since the coaching series I have been happier and more confident, both at work and at home. I have changed my approach to my marriage and my husband has told me that he has seen an improvement in how I communicate with him and how much more content I seem.  My colleagues have told me that I seem more confident to speak out when a situation isn’t a healthy one – and I have found myself supporting others to think or act in a more positive way.

The biggest changes I have seen are in my confidence, self-belief and self-acceptance. I am no longer obsessing that I need to look a certain way, that I need to follow a certain diet or worry about how others may perceive me.  I feel able to take on more challenging situations and am confident in my abilities.  I am sleeping better and generally feel less anxious and stressed.

My coaching experience was liberating, special and stretching – Emma was able to ensure I didn’t take the easy option and supported me to move out of my comfort zone, making sure I gained the most out of the experience.   Working with Emma is something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to gain a better sense of self-worth, clarity on what is important to them, their family and loved ones.  It was such a special experience.  

– Michelle Davis

Before I began coaching with Emma I was working hard to find sense in my job and personal relationships. I didn’t really understand myself, why I reacted to things as I did and how I could feel more in tune with me.   I went into the first session open minded but nervous. However, by the end of it I felt really comfortable with Emma, she made me feel like everything I had to say was important and really listened to me.

My boyfriend and I have noticed huge changes as a result of the coaching series, we are so happy and communicating better than we ever have before. We came up with some creative ways for us to connect more and we have gone from strength to strength.

Aside from my relationship, I also now feel comfortable asking for help and I feel more feminine and comfortable in my own skin.

Overall I would describe the coaching experience as illuminating, feminine and loving, it has been a wholly exhilarating experience and I would have everyone I love undertake life coaching.  Being given the support to come to your own conclusions and being guided into setting goals and coming up with ideas which are your own is a beautiful process. It builds confidence in you and your ability to reconcile disquieting thoughts and feelings.  Thanks Em.

– Faye Haskins