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support for a spectacular 2019


Do you dream of finally uncovering and taking action on your passion & purpose?

Want to bring your creative vision to life without burnout?

Wish to feel energerised, whole and resilient in day to day life?

Yearn for the confidence to listen to and trust your inner voice?

Yes? This is for you…


Imagine the relief of having the support, encouragement and guidance of a certified coach and friend with you every step of the way. 

Now imagine having it for a whole 6 months.  #gamechanging

I don’t believe you need another step by step cookie cutter method.

You just need to be fully heard by someone who truly sees your unique gifts and help building confidence and self belief.

I don’t believe you need to read another book, blog post or a stay up wayyy too late trying to fit everything in.

You just need consistent, fun and focussed action that feels REALLY good, inspiring and easy.

I don’t believe you need to hustle more, do more or beat yourself up more.

You just need kindness and support to be who you really are at your heart in a way that feels FREE. 

Hey lovely,  I’m Emma. 

My dream is for women to feel Free.  Expanded.  Whole.  Brave.  Spacious.  Ease.  Joy.

I believe its possible for you to experience your deepest desires in a way that feels really good.  No hustle.  No more being hard on yourself.  No more self-doubt. And absolutely no more inner mean girl chat.

I trained as a life coach so I could support this process.  This new way of living. 

Is 2019 the year you embrace who you truly are?

The year you live the life you secretly wish for but don’t know how to create?



A 6 month experience to help you on your way to life where you feel light, supported, content, balanced and free. 

You get:

– 1x 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with Emma every month

– 1x energy reading each month (channeled messages, tarot readings & any significant astrology to be aware of) created specifically for you to help guide you how best to work with the energy of the month ahead (audio recording)

– 30 minutes of voxer (walkie talkie app) support between sessions

– Personalised resources, worksheets & recommendations for exactly what your soul needs each month

All for £100 per month.

Plus – if paying the full price before the end of January, £100 will be deducted.

To secure your place:

The biggest changes I have seen are in my confidence, self-belief and self-acceptance.  I feel able to take on more challenging situations and am confident in my abilities.  

Working with Emma is something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to gain a better sense of self-worth & clarity about what’s really important to them.  My coaching experience was liberating, special and stretching.  

Michelle Davis

How it works

express interest

The first step is to complete a questionnaire.  I only work with people I feel a deep resonance with as that’s where the magic happens. After you express interest, I’ll be in touch to arrange a 20-30 minute call so we can both feel into whether a coaching relationship will be a good fit. 

click here to complete your questionnaire and I’ll be in touch shortly after with next steps. 


During our first session together I’ll support you to create some really beautiful goals that will leave you feeling excited, supported, motivated and inspired.  You’ll leave the session with a clear set of action steps to complete before the next time we meet. 

Monthly coaching sessions – 1 hour each 

Each month we’ll meet via Zoom video call or phone to discuss the progress you’ve made towards achieving your goals, as well as setting new actions for the coming month.  We’ll usually start each session with a practice that I will lead us in to set the space for our work together.  Feel free to do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable for these sessions.  I’ll usually have candles or incense burning, as well as warm tea and water.


During the first week of each month I’ll send you an audio recording with key messages and the energy of the month ahead.  This may include tarot readings, astrology notes, journal prompts and anything else that I believe will deeply enhance your journey. These are completely tailored to you. 

celebration & completion session – 1 hour 

Our final hour together will be a chance to reflect upon the amazing transformation you will have undergone during our coaching time together, as well as making sure you know where you’re going moving forward.  You’ll leave this session feeling empowered, excited for the future, grounded and confident.   

what else? 

For the duration of our coaching series you will have up to 30 mins of voice messaging support between sessions for those things that come up. 

I’ve got you covered. 


The total cost for this 6 month 1:1 experience is £100 per month.  If you pay in full before 31st Jan 2019, you will receive a £100 discount. 


I would describe the coaching experience with Emma as illuminating, feminine and loving.  It has been a wholly exhilarating experience and I would have everyone I love undertake life coaching.  I now feel comfortable asking for help and I feel more feminine and comfortable in my own skin.  Being given the support to come to your own conclusions and being guided into setting goals and coming up with ideas which are your own is a beautiful process. It builds confidence in you and your ability to reconcile disquieting thoughts and feelings.  Thanks Em.

Faye Haskins

Frequently asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is a powerful process which assists you in tapping into what it is you really want and provides a framework to help you get there.  As your coach I will support and guide you to make tangible progress towards a specific goal(s).

Why choose me?

Part of our process together will be about you learning to trust your heart and your intuition.  I want you to start that right now, if being on this website and reading these words feels good, trust it, and book a call with me, but if it doesn’t feel right, then trust that too – just make sure it isn’t fear that stops you.  Clue – fear comes from your mind rather than your heart and if you’re disconnected to your heart (most of us have been raised this way) then the heart will probably be quieter (and less bossy!) than your mind.  It may be quiet, but it will be persistent.  If you’re still thinking about this in a few days or weeks, its probably your intuition nudging you.

There are many amazing coaches out there and choosing the right one for you and what you want to achieve is so important.  My coaching style is highly supportive, passionate and intuitive.  I won’t shy away from encouraging you to take deeper or braver steps towards your goals – that’s where the magic really happens! Nor will I hold back from bringing it into your awareness if you’re giving away your power, but know this, it will always be from a place of love.  My coaching is different in that I weave meditation, oracle card guidance, tarot, gratitude practices and so much more into my coaching style with a focus on spiritual exploration and deep internal reflection to get to your true heart and soul in a way that is just right for you.  It’s a highly personalised process and there is no ‘one size fits all’. 

Who is this coaching for?

I’m passionate about supporting individuals in their 20s and early 30s (millennials) who are ready for change.  

This coaching is for you if you’re ready to dig deep, be open-minded, try new things and are ready to take action.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t doubtful or scared, but inside you know you can’t keep going as you are.

This coaching is unlikely to be for you if:

– You’re unwilling to try new things or undertake any kind of spiritual exploration such as, meditation, journalling, crystal work, oracle/tarot cards or aren’t open minded.

– You can’t commit to 1-2 hours per week of personal development time

– You have any reason in your life that will make it hard to fully focus on yourself, such as having had a baby in the last 6 months

-You are currently undergoing counselling or psychotherapy

-You are unwilling to commit to a 12 month experience, emotionally, spirituallu or financially. 

Are you qualified?

I am so proud to have trained as a life coach with the incredible Beautiful You Coaching Academy, which is acredited by the International Coaching Federation.  I have also taken many personal development classes, read countless books and spent a week learning meditation in Cambodia.  During 2018 I studied a year long training programme under Alana Fairchild, called soul guidance & sacred mentoring.  Ongoing training and spiritual development is very important to me and I’m a life long learner.  Everything I learn is wit the core focus of being able to not only grow and develop myself but also to share with others. 

Want to know something else?
If you have any other questions, I’d love to answer them.  Get in touch with me here or apply now and you’ll be sent a link to schedule a 30 min complimentary call.