Emma Rose is an Intuitive Coach who helps millennials to do work that inspires and energises them and live in their soul level truth.

She is most known for her 12-week signature coaching programme where she works 1:1 with individuals to help them find crystal clear clarity and take meaningful steps towards their true purpose by learning to love themselves deeply, connect with their creativity and trust & tap into their power.

Her work is based on the philosophy that we can consciously rewrite our stories and that by doing so we change our mind-set. She believes when we creates change within ourselves, we help to create a shift on the planet too.

Emma is proud to be a certified coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and is currently undertaking a yearlong training with Alana Fairchild to become a Sacred Guidance and Soul Mentor.

You can get Emma’s most popular video training for free here – The 3 Real Reasons You’re Not Following Your Dreams.