a fun way to discover your life purpose

Life purpose, divine path, true passion, soul journey.  Whatever you call it – its one of those things that if you know what ‘it’ is then life is so much easier.  Say you want to be a teacher.  You study hard in school so you can get into a good university, you carry on working hard so you get your degree and once you’ve done that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find work in your dream job.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that getting a degree is easy, but when you know what you want to do or be, you often have a clearly defined path that, if you follow, and remain committed to, means you’ll get there.

Conversely, if you’re in the group of people that have no idea or too many ideas about what it is you want to do with your life, then you’ll understand the emotional turmoil and stagnation that comes with it.  I’m one of those people and its caused me much frustration and stress in my adult life as well as kept me ‘stuck’ for way longer than I imagined it would. However – I’m now free. Yay! And I want to help you get here too – so here’s the secret and 8 steps to making it work for you:

Connect with your intuition.  Most of the time, we’re trying to use the logical, intellectual, problem-solving parts of our brain to ‘work out’ which option is best for us – it doesn’t help and most of the time it makes us feel more stressed out because we cant find the ‘right’ answer.  Your intuition on the other hand, can help you to ‘feel’ the answer and comes from a deeper place of knowing.  Intuition can sometimes seem a little ‘fluffy’ but it is actually a very sophisticated tool that can be hugely beneficial if you learn how to use it.  Did you know that Einstein & Steve Jobs both credit their success to connecting to their intuition? 

Ready to learn how?  Of course you are!

Step 1: Meditation.  Okay I know you might be thinking ‘meditation – really? That’s the big secret?!’.  I know you’ve already heard about how good it is for you but if you’re one of those people who hasn’t ever tried it before because you cant sit still/aren’t that ‘type’/don’t think it will work for you/insert-excuse-here then I’ve got news for you – it’s REALLY EASY.  There, I said it. EASY.  I promise you.  Close your eyes right now, stay still and just notice the quality of your breath for one minute without trying to change anything.  If thoughts come just notice them but bring your focus back to how you’re breathing. Go on, just do that now before you keep reading.

Are you back?  Okay – you just meditated! Go you, you amazing being!


Step 2: Practice.  Now you know you can do it and you know that its super easy, the next part is to just do that every day, a few times a day.  You might find you really like it and want to do it for more than a minute, which is great, but if not then don’t worry, it’s not necessary to do it for any longer to be able to connect with your intuition.


Step 3: Ask.  Once you’ve had a couple of days practice of being still and silent, you can start asking.  To do this, meditate like you have been for one minute and then place your hand over your heart and ask a question silently. Then just wait. It might take a while or it might be instant, but you will get an answer.   If its taking a while and you start to notice your intellect start searching for an answer, just keep silently asking the question and bring your focus back to your breath.  Tip – it’s best to ask simple questions.  My favourite is ‘what is it I need today?’ and then I’ll get answers like ‘fun’ or ‘rest’ or ‘breathe’.


Step 4: How can I tell its my intuition? Your intuition, especially if you haven’t connected with it much, may seem ‘quieter’ than your mind.  You might ‘hear’ the answer or it could be that you get a feeling, colour or memory instead.  If you do, then consider, what does that colour or memory represent to you? How does it relate to your current experience?  If you have fearful thoughts? that’s your mind speaking. Your intuition is the part of you that wants and knows the best for you. It will always feel right and ‘true’.


Step 5: Fun things to ask your intuition. Once you’re used to asking for guidance in a meditative state, you may also want to start to use it for every day decisions too.  For example, I love to use my intuition (and my spiritual guides but that’s another blog post!) for help deciding what to wear.  I run my hand over clothes in my wardrobe silently asking ‘what should I wear today?’ and then I just go with whatever I am drawn to! It’s always a combination that I never would’ve chosen logically but I go with it and always actually love the outfit in the end!  Trust it.


Step 6: The big question. Now that you and your Intuition are well acquainted, its time to start asking the big question, in the same way you’ve been practicing. Meditate, breath, and ask.  Choose to ask it in a way that feels good to you.  If you’ve been stressing over the question ‘what should I do with my life’ then choose a different way to word it that feels instantly better.  Something like ‘How can I feel happiest?’ or ‘what would I love to do?’.  Wait and listen.


Step 7: Trust. If you get an answer you weren’t expecting it’s easy to dismiss it – don’t.  Say the answer you get is ‘swimming’ you might think ‘well my life purpose isn’t to be a swimmer’ so you dismiss it, however what you don’t realise is that the last time you went to the swimming pool there was a sign on the notice board that your sub-conscious mind was aware of that’s about training to become a fitness instructor – and BAM that’s your thing.  Whatever answer you get, just go with it, see it as an exploration and an adventure and look out for the signs!


Step 8: Have patience. In doing this work, you’re potentially undoing years of believing that you don’t know what you want. Changing beliefs can take time, as can learning to trust yourself.  Be gentle and kind with yourself, and just so you know – you’ve got this.  If you feel like you need extra support, coaching could be just what you need.  You can find out how to work 1:1 with me here.


There you have it, a simple, easy way to get closer to working it out and a great way to stop stressing in the meantime.

I’d love to know how this works out for you and hear about what answers you get when you ask.  Let me know in the comments or get in touch at hello@iamemmarose.  Did it work for you?



Hey! I'm Emma.

Self love coach, spritual student & teacher.  Committed to supporting the awakening of the millenial generation.