Today’s blog post is all about my favourite topic Life Coaching!

I’ll be covering:

– What it is & what it isn’t

– What you should look for in a coach

– My journey to becoming a coach

– Plus a very special announcement for those of you who are considering training to become a coach yourself!

Me with the inspirational Julie Parker – founder & CEO of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy – Paris 2017.


First up – What is life coaching ?!

Since qualifying as an Internationally Certified Coach, I’ve been ask countless times by people ‘what do you actually do though?’ One of the most common misconceptions is that it’s like therapy, or counselling.

Whilst there are similarities in that both of these professions help people to live happier, freer lives (just like coaching), the methods we use to get there are very different!

A counsellor will help you look into your past to help make sense of your present circumstances, with a focus on healing the past trauma in your life. Life Coaching is different in that instead of being past-focussed, we concentrate on where you’re at now plus what you want to create in your future.

We get really clear on exactly where you’re at, how you’re feeling and what’s happening in your life right now. We also focus on what you really want for your life. Your big dreams and goals. Those ones that maybe feel too big or scary that you might not have told anyone about before!


We then use this information to create big, beautiful, exciting goals for you that you’ll work towards with ongoing support from your coach. You’ll set bigger goals with a life coach than you would on your own. The whole point of hiring a coach is that these are things you’d find hard to achieve without help and support along the way.


Good coaches don’t give advice. They know that the person who knows best about you – is you. They help you to learn to trust yourself more so that you can follow those truths that are inside of you without so much fear or doubt.

I’m often asked what a coaching session would be like. The best way I can describe it is that its a space where you can be fully heard. A great coach will really listen to you, and the conversation will centre on you. It’s time for you to share how you’re feeling, what’s stopping you from reaching certain goals as well as a place to celebrate things you’ve achieved between sessions.

The life coach will ask questions that tap into the deeper part of you and really get you thinking. These questions can be amazing at helping you to see things more clearly and have break-through moments that move you closer and closer to your big, dream life goals 🙂 It’s really beautiful to witness.

Life coaching can focus on any area of your life but some of the common ones are: life purpose, career fulfilment, relationships, self worth, confidence or big lifestyle changes such as moving to a different country or starting a business.


What to look for in a Life Coach…

If you’ve decided that you’d like to work with a coach to achieve your big goals and dreams, then firstly, congratulations! You’re probably now wondering what to look for, here are my top tips for helping you make the best decision:

1. If you have a very specific goal you’d like to achieve, such as changing careers, you might want to look for a coach who specialises in this area. Searching for ‘career coach’ in this instance may mean you find more relevant coaches than if you just searched ‘life coach’. There are all different types of coaches so never worry that your goal will be too niche – I’m 99.9% sure you’ll find a coach who does what you’re looking for. If you get stuck, feel free to email me at – I know A LOT of coaches and am happy to make some recommendations 😉

2. If you have multiple areas you’d like to work on with a coach, you could instead choose to find a coach who appeals to you personally. For example, I weave spirituality into my coaching experience and so I generally tend to attract clients who are either on spiritual path already or who are curious about it.

3. Find an online coach. When I first started looking for a life coach I would always google ‘life coach hitchin’ as I believed I’d need to find a local coach. How wrong was I! 100% of the coaching I do is done online via video call and it works SO well. You still get that very personal feel as you can see your coach as well as hear them, but it means you can be in the comfort of your own home and relax fully at the same time. The huge benefit of this is that it opens your search worldwide, meaning you’re much more likely to find an amazing life coach that’s right for you.

4. Once you’ve found a couple of coaches you like the look of, spend some time on their website and social media channels. Sign up to their newsletter if they have one and see whether you like what they share there. Trust your instincts and look for coaches with great testimonials.

5. Find a coach who’s undertaken great life coaching training, You don’t actually need any training at all to call yourself a life coach, which means that many coaches you find online might not have been trained. The company I trained with is an Approved Coach Education Provider by the International Coach Federation. This means the course has undergone a rigorous review and has met the criteria for Continuing Coach Education in both core coaching competencies and coaching resource development. If you can’t see any details of their training on their website or they don’t list credentials, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!

6. Trust your intuition. Go with a coach that feels great to you, that you’re excited about. Most coaches will offer a complimentary call where you can get a feel for whether coaching with them would be a good fit for you. These are great for helping you make the best decision for you.


My journey to becoming a life coach

I always knew deep down that I wanted to help people in some way. I loved chatting with friends (and anyone I met really!) about their goals for their life. I was always encouraging others to follow their dreams and I felt so passionate about it.

However, like many of us, I just didn’t believe in myself or know where to start to make it happen. I felt really stuck in a job that was secure but unfulfilling to me. It got to the point where it was so painful to get up and go there every day, knowing that it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I knew I couldn’t do it for the next 30 or 40 years of my life. No way!

I’d heard of coaching before, but like many people, I didn’t really know much about it or what it involved. After searching online for training courses and finding only very corporate looking providers, I was starting to feel dejected.

That was until I found The Beautiful You Coaching Academy! Landing on their website felt like coming home. Everything written there felt like it had been written specifically for me. I was so excited!

I had to overcome many fears to bite the bullet and sign up (worrying I was too young, fears about the investment, worries about whether I could really do it or not) but I’m so glad I did! It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. This course changed my life!

During my training and the months after it, I went about building my website, putting into practice everything I had learned about being an online business owner and working with my first volunteer pro bono coaching clients. The course is amazing as it teaches you not only how to become a great coach, how to run sessions and all of the practical things you need to know, but it also has in-depth modules on how to run an online business.

That was back in 2017 and I haven’t looked back since then! As part of the course I even got to travel to Paris and meet the trainers, my fellow trainees as well as the amazing author Rebecca Cambpell.  This course is the real deal!

This is my dream come true, and I adore that it helps others reach theirs too. The freedom that comes with running an online business is amazing, and of course there are hard times too, and it ebbs and flows, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


An exciting announcement!

I’m so grateful to The Beautiful You Coaching Academy for everything and I’m really proud to be one of their Certified Coaches. If you’re considering becoming a coach this year, then I have some very exciting news for you!

As a proud affiliate of the course, I’m offering a completely FREE 6 session coaching package worth $1000 if you choose to sign up through me.


This 90 day coaching series includes:

– A pre coaching questionnaire so we can get clarity on what you really want before we even begin
– 1 x 75 minute initial session
– 5 x one hour video call coaching sessions over the following three months
– Email support and contact between sessions
– Tailored meditations, resources and practices to implement between sessions to keep beautiful momentum as you move through the series.

As part of the certification process you must work with an already certified coach for three months. Our series together will complete that part of the process.

* To receive these bonuses you must add my full name (Emma Rose) in the space provided when signing up to the course.

If you have any questions about coaching, becoming a coach or anything else, you can reach out to me at any time at and I’ll be happy to help you.


Emma x