#Girlboss seems to be everywhere, from self proclaimed ‘Girlbosses’ on social media to being splashed all over mugs and stationary.  For some reason its become hugely popular, and I don’t think its just because of the Netflix series of the same name, I think its because the women who use this term to describe themselves believe it is a positive, powerful description of a woman who is successful.  I just don’t buy that, and there are 2 main reasons.


Why oh why do we need a separate term to define someone successful that happens to be female?  Surely the word ‘boss’ should cut it.  There is nothing male about the term ‘boss’.  Yes, we all know that men still outnumber women significantly at board level, but this doesn’t automatically make the word male and by using a feminine version of it we encourage the notion and idea that bosses are male.  Let’s not do that – deal?.


We couldn’t even go with ‘woman’.  Is anyone cringing with me?  I can only guess that ‘girl’ sounded cuter than ‘woman’.  This is a true reflection of the state of society’s obsession with youth, the one that devalues older women in order to profit from selling them things.  Personally I see huge, vast, unbound value in older women; all that experience, knowledge and wisdom tossed aside because it doesn’t fit the media image of ‘perfection’. It makes me really sad.  And damn angry too. Lets march!

Bottom line – using the term ‘girl’ to describe a strong, successful woman is completely at odds with reality, not to mention insulting.

What do you think of the term? Have you used it? Will you continue to in future?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic.

Em x


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