Do you want to…

– Gain a deeper understanding of what you really want to live your happiest life?

– Harness your strengths to create a life where you feel free, whole & fully connected with your higher self?

– Deeply & completely love and accept yourself, your body & your life?

When you work with me 1:1 I’ll guide you to a depth of inner knowing that you were born with.  This knowing connects you to the magic and power you need to create & fuel this beautiful life! 



I work with women from all over the world, to create lives of happiness, ease, security, contentment and fulfillment.  I offer 1;1 online coaching via video call, so you can get support you need, from the comfort of your own home.  

I want you to live in a way where you trust yourself completely and you’re clear on what you really want.  I know that if you just knew what you wanted and felt capable enough to do it, with a clear plan that you were excited about – then you’d be able to make it happen.  I believe YOU are already a powerful woman – all I do is help you remember that. 

Together, we’ll increase your confidence, uncover and re-program beliefs that are holding you back, help you to get clarity on what you want AND create that plan to get you there.  You’ll be supported by me the whole way. 

Sessions with me:

~ Always start with a beautiful moment that I will lead us in, crafted especially for you, to open the session

~ Are a safe space for you to be fully seen, heard and appreciated – no matter how you’re feeling on the day

~ Give you an opportunity to bring to the table whatever you most need support with in the moment, all whilst leading you toward your ultimate goals

~ Lead to fun and unique strategies for you to take away and complete between sessions (with my support via voice messaging too)

~ Are powerfully structured to create shifts, ‘aha’ moments and incredible realisations : every time we meet

~ Are fun (we’ll laugh lots), are real (there might be tears signifying a beautiful physical release of stored emotion). But no matter what, they will be loving and uplifting – always.

I am a certified coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  You can read more about my clients’ experiences further down this page if you’re wondering what coaching could do for you. 

 16 WEEK TRANSFORMATION // £250 per month 

This 4 month package includes:

YOUR VISION –  To make sure you get started off on the right foot, I’ll have you spend some focussed and dedicated time exploring how you want to feel about your life so that before we even have our first session you can start feeling inspired, excited and super clear on what you’re working towards even if right now you have no idea!

GETTING CLEAR – We’ll spend our first 75 minute session setting some really inspiring powerful goals that you feel really connected to. These will act as your north star as you progress on your journey to freedom.  I’ll be walking with you the whole way too!

SELF BELIEF – We’ll then meet every 2 weeks to create a deep sense of inner belief in yourself and what you’re capable of so you can go after your big vision with enthusiasm and passion.  We’ll knock out those fears and beliefs that have kept you trapped until now. 

SUPPORT – You’ll have access to me between sessions using Voxer (walkie talkie style app) so you always feel supported and guided no matter what comes up.

I’ll also share hand picked resources and practices for you to complete between sessions for optimum progress towards your goals in a fun and inspiring way.

(All sessions will be held via Zoom (an online video calling platform). 

If you’d like to work with me or have questions about whether it’s right for you, please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page and let me know what you’d love to work on with me as your coach.  

After you complete a questionnaire we’ll then arrange a 30 min phone call so that together we can decide if we’re a good match for coaching.  This call will be your opportunity to ask any questions and to tell me a bit about whats going on in your life right now.  I’ll explain more about coaching, what I do and how I might be able to support you.  Guaranteed no sale-sy stuff. 


Have a beautiful day and thank you for being here. 


Emma x

What my clients say..

My time coaching with Emma was life changing.  My current amazing reality has been made manifest by the beautiful support of having Emma as my coach. 
If you are currently stuck or anything less than enthused by your own life then seek out working 1:1 and invite a space for Emma into your life.
It will be nothing short of magical.”

Louise Gates

Yoga Teacher and PhD Researcher

“I now show up for myself, my career and in my relationships more then ever before. I have grown to trust myself unconditionally through Emma’s guidance and support and that in itself is more then I could have ever asked for!

I’m attracting more clients in to my business, I’m hitting financial targets, I’m focusing more on my relationships and having more down time, I’m opening myself up to more opportunities and I’m taking more risks. Above all, I feel more aligned and more peaceful then ever.”

Emilia Francesca

Life Coach & Entrepreneur

I would like to thank you for a truly life-changing experience, Emma. 

If I had to describe the experience in 3 words I would choose exciting, positive and revolutionary.

I would recommend this experience to anybody looking to enhance an area of their life.

Nina Jackson

Aspiring entrepreneur & mother of 2

By the end of our work together I felt exactly how I aimed to feel when setting my goal with Emma. To feel strong, empowered, motivated and capable of fulfilling my dream of setting up my own businessCoaching with Emma went above and beyond what I had hoped for.

Charlotte Marler

Founder of KinLife

My coaching experience was liberating, special and stretching – Emma was able to ensure I didn’t take the easy option and supported me to move out of my comfort zone, making sure I gained the most out of the experience.   Working with Emma is something I would recommend to anyone who is looking to gain a better sense of self-worth, clarity on what is important to them, their family and loved ones.  It was such a special experience.

Michelle Davis

Customer Service Manager, Financial Services

“I want to express my endless gratitude to
Emma and everything she’s helped me with. 2018 was a year of transformation and
such growth for me… and I owe it to her. Feeling more like myself than ever, trusting
in myself, the universe and its timing, and feeling clear on the direction of my life…
how can you properly thank someone for that? Not sure there’s a proper way but
THANK YOU from all of me for your dedication, space held and connection you
offered me this year. It was life changing.”

Kara Gilbert

Let’s chat!


If you’re considering working with me, I’d love to get to know you better so we can ensure we’re a great match.  That’s why I offer all clients an optional, complimentary 30 min chat on the phone before we commit to anything.  Get in touch using the form below to book your complimentary call, to ask any questions you have or reserve your 1:1 coaching spot.